About Us

In Argentina there are only 12 companies with permission from the Argentine government for the export of charcoal and CARBOAR is one of those companies.

The Argentine government requires companies licensed to export CHARCOAL meet strict safety standards, very demanding, so then submit to our government analysis we obtained permission to export the product.

Carbo-Ar is a brand that depends on the company EXPAR SA. We have all the commercial infrastructure focused only on exports, we do not sell coal within the Argentine territory, we only produce and export coal abroad

Our strength

  • Production quality control
  • Packaged in bags with the client’s own brand
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines
  • Achieve customer satisfaction

Within the requirements, our government controls us in:

  • Forest permits.
  • Strict stock control.
  • Packing and palletizing control.
  • Internal transit controls within the country, from the production plant to the port of departure
  • Highly efficient security systems, everything that happens with the raw material must be recorded in the cloud, with security cameras and available to the government.